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Argument of Creationism

Creationist attempts and fails to argue her postion on Creatonism. Never producing evidence to support her claims.

Attempting to find doubts and mistakes in evolution throughout history, but being corrected that if mistakes were found, it doesn’t negate her responsibility to provide proof for her creationist ideas and it doesn’t make her position true.

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Mental Illness and Atheism

Asserting atheists are mentally ill because they disbleive in claims with evidence.

It’s a tiresomeold theistic trope in reference to “If you don’t believe what I believe, then theres someting woung wih you.”

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Bible Truths vs. Atheism

Video of a Christian mistaking calling the Bible true. An easy target for atheist to pick apart his argument for following scriptures

Fundementalist Christians will follow the BIble in spite of the mountain of evidence in facts that contradict their Bible and dogmatc beliefs.

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Christian Ignorance vs. Atheist’s Logic

Christian brave;y demonstrates his ignorance on multipe science topics, mainly on evolution and the Bg Bang.

Not undersadning the theories that make up the scientific evidence for either. Instead like a lot of Christians, they get their science from their pastor or church.

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Christian Steve vs. Atheist

Christian trying to redefine Atheism and applying Christian logic to bravely tear done his strawman arguement.

Most Chistians equate their subjective expeirences as th Holy Spirit influencing them and posit that this is proof of god.

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Christian vs Atheist

Some Christians believe thinking philosophically means they’re more logical in their position agains atheist.

The same Christians often redefine atheism to make their strawman fallacies make sense.

Philosphy isn’t that practicle. It doesn’t make your logic meaningful.
It is only seeking questions with no answers.

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Jehovah’s Witness vs. Atheist

Watch a JW get demolished trying to prove they have the one true religion.

They only know watchtower doctrine thining they have biblical superiorty over other religions and people.

They invite people to come to their kingdome halls or indoctrination centers for watchtower instruction and conditioning.

As a JW you are not allowed to question the leadership on any doctrine their preach to the JW herd.